Say G'day to Ian


Say G'day to Ian

Ian's only been with us a few months here at Liquor Barons Hillarys but he's a liquor retail veteran. 

In another life, Ian used to work in IT and also ran a cafe before finally getting to work with something he truly loves and that something is unquestionably interesting craft beers and fine wines (South Australian Shiraz to be specific).

Ian's a family man first but loves to sneak off for 18 holes of golf with his mates when the Dockers aren't having another crack. 

In fact, Ian loves sport in general and you'll grab his ear quickly if your English Premier League, footy or cricket chat is on point.

Come say 'hi' and test your sporting wit while Ian recommends you a quality Shiraz next time you're in the neighbourhood.

Heath Werrettian, staff