Have you met Matt? 


Matt's been with Liquor Barons Hillarys for a year now but spent a lot of time working for many wineries including Yalumba Wines before moving into the retail end of the industry. 

While working closely with wine, Matt quickly developed a love for organic and minimalist wines with less input from winemakers. 

He now gets to share this passion for wine with our customers but it's not just wine which Matt is passionate about.

He's also quite the craft beer aficionado and is currently also working as our man on the inside over at 4Pines Brewing.

Matt's a self proclaimed giant Jenga specialist and fancies himself a bit of a gun on the cricket pitch. 

We asked him if he could travel anywhere in the world, where would he visit?

He told us he had his eye set on exploring the Amalfi Coast of Italy to go nuts on all the quality seafood and wines.

If you've been to the Amalfi Coast and want to rub it in, or want to talk quality wines and craft beers, you know where to find Matt, so come have a chat!