Weihenstephan Braupakt Hefeweissbier


The World’s Oldest Brewery, Weihenstephan, has returned with a legendary partnership, joining forces with one of the US's top craft breweries - Sierra Nevada who continue to push the envelope with new US ale styles.

Being Sierra Nevada's first ever collab with such a long-established European brewery is a pretty momentous occasion. When these two mythic beer houses combined their awesomeness and brewing prestige to produce the highly anticipated Hefeweissbier - Braupakt (literally translated 'brewery pact) - you know it's going to be delicious.

"We came in with high standards for the Hefeweissbier style. Sierra Nevada, who are world-renowned for their Pale Ale style, came in with the discerning palettes for fruity and aromatic-bodied beers," said Weihnestephan brewmaster Tobias Zollo. 
"With Braupakt, we were able to exceed the expectations of both breweries.”



Braupakt Hefeweissbier

6% ABV. 35 IBU.

Braupakt, the fruity-hoppy Euro-Yank Frankenstein hefeweiss uses traditional Hallertauer hops and is then refined using West Coast Amarillo and Chinook hops to merge the “old world” purity standards and brewing alchemy with “new age" hop flavours and insights. Pours a cloudy amber with a creamy head. Fragrant of stone fruits, grapefruit citrus and a little banana.

“We are extremely excited to share our Braupakt collaboration with the beer community. When we look to create these partnerships, rarely do you get to work with breweries of [Weihenstephan’s] stature and we were blown away by the process,” noted Sierra Nevada brewmaster Scott Jennings. 
“Not only are we blown away by the finished beer… we learned a lot on this journey as well from one of the original visionaries in our industry.”



About Weihenstephan:

Founded in a monastery brewery in Bavaria circa 1040, the now official, Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan is now state owned enterprise still manufacturing quality beer in its traditional style. With almost 1000 years of experience in traditional brewing techniques, premium beers of the highest quality are now created using state of the art brewing equipment and technology behind the ancient walls of the brewhouse. Weihenstephan regularly receive the most coveted awards at the international beer competitions each year.



About Sierra Nevada:

Sierra Nevada was founded in 1980 as only the 42nd ever brewery in the United States. In the next 3 decades, the Californian brewery based out of Chico, and Mills River, North Carolina was instrumental in developing the domestic and international craft beer scene with its innovative and quality new brews. They've won countless awards, the world over and continue to be a heavyweight in the US market and regularly produce new and excited core range and limited release products. 



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