New and Repeat Craft Beer Arrivals from Garage Project

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Garage Project

Started by 3 mates from Wellington, NZ , Garage Project are developing a solid rep across the pond hear in Australia for their avant-garde and trailblazing approach to craft beer brewing.


Boss Level Ultra IPA 8.5%

This is Ultra IPA - five different US hop varieties, 100 IBU’s and a massive malt grist to match - a can load of weaponised hop firepower. Warning - proceed with the utmost caution. Lower your guard and it’ll be game over man, game over.


Summer Summer Strong Golden Ale 7%

This is a colab with Norwegian craft brewery Nøgne Ø and Wellington's own Garage Project, Summer Summer is a strong golden ale, brewed with rye malts and Pohutakawa honey. Rich gold in colour, smooth with a touch of rye spice, honey and warming alcohol, it's sunshine in a bottle. The taste of the New Zealand summer is here.


Red Rocks Reserve Hot Rock Red Ale 6.5%

A base red ale is brewed and then with a nod to an ancient brewing technique known as 'Stein Bier', the beer is passed through a giant hop back containing rocks, super heated in a hard Manuka wood fire to over 500c. The end result i a nice balance of malt sweetness and bitterness, with some assertive hop aroma and flavour. A medium to full bodied amber ale that has a jam-like quality surrounding complex malts and the big boost from a large late addition of Nelson Sauvin. Get involved.


Pernicious Weed Double IPA 8%

Huge grapefruit flavour in a worryingly-drinkable strong IPA. Pours a light and hazy gold. Aroma of yeast and hints of fruit. Clean and crisp no dominant flavour. Very easy to drink.

Heath Werrett