Biggie Juice Cans


It was all a dream…

Feral Brewing Biggie Juice (cans) 4pack $25

We are still in shock after hearing the news a few weeks back that we would finally be receiving one of the original WA NEIPAS - Feral’s biggie Juice in can format as a permanent addition to our range all year round!

This beer gained massive notoriety since late Autumn 2017, nowhere more so than across Instagram as local Perth Punters kept snapping those dank hazy looks across the local beer scene.

Now this delicious juice bomb is in full swing at Feral’s Bassendean brewery with the team utilising even more Amarillo, Galaxy and Vic Secret hops to keep that signature pulpy mouthfeel + breakfast juicy aromas and flavour.

You can get yourself a 4 pack of these babies for just $25!

Heath Werrett