Taylors Taylor-made Wines

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Taylors Taylor Made

Each one of these fantastic wines have been sourced from a single vineyard of regional distinction & character; as unique as the people who drink them. Robbie our newest member of the team, thinks he's not only a dead ringer for Rory McIllory in looks but also on the golf course, so you can imagine this range was high on his list to try.

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Malbec, Chardonnay & Shiraz

We were blown away in the value for money these wines offer. The Malbec and Shiraz are really juicy, easy drinking styles with a lovely viscosity to leave that velvet feel from start to finish. With a Chardonnay that exudes all the character that those wanting a "wooded" Chardonnay are after, without loosing balance. A consistent range from a consistent winery, making wines you can trust for all occasions .

Heath Werrett