New Dainton Craft Beer NEIPA Arrivals


Dainton Caramel Creme White Chocolate NEIPA

It’s exactly what it looks like. Everyone’s favourite chocolate eggs just got a boozy upgrade! This is a decadent white choc caramel NEIPA right on time for Easter. Pop a couple of these babies in the backyard for the grown up kids to find. Brimming with hazy caramel goodness, if you have a sweet tooth give this unique NEIPA a go!

Dainton Feelin' Peachy Peach Milkshake NEIPA

Millions of peaches, peaches for you; Millions of peaches, that's more than two; Millions of peaches, peaches ain't free; Millions of peaches, this beer is so tasty! Ultra creamy with added lactose, it reminds us of canned peaches and cream, the ultimate make-do dessert.

These beers WILL sell out.

Heath Werrett