Colonial Brewing Bombers Tinnies

source:  The Crafty Pint

Following the announcement in April that Colonial Brewing Co would be the first craft brewery in the country to sponsor an AFL team, the brewery’s partnership with Essendon has moved a step further. Earlier today, players were on hand at the Port Melbourne brewery to help pack cases of Bombers Beer, Colonial's flagship Kolsch inside cans wrapped top to bottom red and black and with the football club’s insignia from the early 90s filling the back.

In case some of you weren’t aware, old mate Byron is a die-hard Bombers fan, so he couldn’t of been more happy back in April when he found out one of our favourite local craft breweries - Colonial Brewing Co was to become the first craft brewery in the country to sponsor an AFL team!

With the success of the last round of cans, Colonial and Essendon Football Club have teamed up once again to bring us another round of limited edition Draught Kolsch Ale cans dressed smartly in the mighty Bomber colours.

These things are seriously limited edition though so we’re taking pre-orders on cartons.
If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of these, simply flick us a quick message or give us a ring (payment is required upfront).

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24 can carton


Heath Werrett