Asam Boi Gose & La Maison Saison


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Asam Boi Gose & la Maison Marmalade Saison

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Asam Boi Gose

Inspired by a recent trip from the two Beerfarm brewers to Singapore to explore a growing local craft scene, the inspiration for this deliciously sweet, sour and salty gose beer was found. ”With ideas like ‘thai mango salad’ being thrown around we knew we were onto something special and when salted plums were mentioned (a favourite snack of josh’s from his childhood growing up in Broome) the stars aligned and the Asam Boi Gose, salted plum sour, was born.”


La Maison Saison Marmalade

At Beerfarm, they love saisons so much they have a House Saison aptly named La Maison Saison, which is rolled out across the seasons and given a local produce twist. ‘Saison’ literally translates to ‘season’ perfect chance for brewers to flex their creative muscles.

Heath Werrett