What Are You Drinking This Australia Day?

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Our favourite day of the year is just around the corner, so we’ve bunched together the most solid booze list for you to pick a winning Aus Day formula from.


The lifeblood of any good Australia Day festivities.

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  1. Colonial Brewing Beers

    You can grab yourself any carton of Colonial Beer on sale throughout the week before Australia Day.

    Draught & Pale cans - $69.99

    Bertie Cider & Small Ale cans - $64.99

    IPA & South West Sour cans - $79.99

  2. Emu Export

    We could'n’t not throw this in now could we?

    Emu Export blocks $46.99                             


3. Victoria Bitter

The hand grenade. Another Aus Day Classic.

Grab a block of Emu Export - just $54.99.                        

Pro Tip:

Hate watery beer? Try this! Freeze some beer in ice cube trays to keep your brews cool all day long. Boost your chill factor with a stubby holder you wont even need an esky.

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Aperol 700ml

Our favourite sponsor of the Australian Open and a perfect cocktail companion for Australia Day BBQ. A luxurious and bright Aperol spritz is the perfect, easy to make refreshing cocktail.

Aperol 700ml - $21.99!

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Ara Sauv Blanc

The new vintage has just rolled and wow, this is good. From the Wairau Valley sub region of Marlborough this wine is fresh and lively with passionfruit and even a hint of grapefruit, that balances out with a slight lime zest zing!

Grab 2 for $32!

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Heath Werrett